Play impresses Frenchman

By Robin Allard

As soon as I left the place I had this feeling in my stomach. Why is it already over? How come the show is not longer? That excitement and wish for it to be longer must mean something.

Starting with Shakespeare, then Rostand, I have always enjoyed the chance to see great plays. Until this weekend, my fa­vorite play was “Waiting for Go­dot” by Samuel Beckett.

Of course I en­joyed the previ­ous presentations from the Newman theatre depart­ment, but this time it was a whole new level.

I was counting down all the plays or musicals I’ve enjoyed in my life – and then there were none, as the saying goes. None but “Something’s Afoot.” It was a surprise for me to en­joy the show that much.

It only took me a few minutes to recognize the story that inspired the play. Agatha Christie’s book, “And Then There Were None,” was in itself very intense. But here, Newman’s theatre and music departments did a great job putting this play together.

The details of the setting brought me inside the play like I was part of it. But who is the darn murderer? Why don’t they all just sit down together until the storm is over? Why are they all singing while they’re about to get murdered?

While the story was great, the set­ting was very detailed, and the songs were well sung, the most impressive part of the show had to be the acting. I have to say that every time I see a play I am impressed by the actors.

What made this play special to me was the actors’ abilities to juggle the intensity of a murder scene with a touch of humor. That is why I would like to thank all the actors: Rusty, Ian, Blake, Maggie, Wesley, Mark, C.L., Pancho, Rebekah, Justin, and, most of all, department heads Mark Man­nette and Deanne Zogleman, for cre­ating the atmosphere that permitted me, and I am sure others, to evade reality and enjoy my night.

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