Power showers: The next big thing

By Matt Riedl

Photo courtesy of Ethan Menke
Power showers are a great time to de-stress and catch up on your sleep.

Power naps are so passé these days.

After a long day of classes, you can come back and take a power nap, but will you really be re-energized after­ward? No. You will not be re-charged either. Shocking. Is there a better solution?

With the end of the semester fast approaching, sleep deprivation will soon rear its ugly bedhead. No one is immune to the temptation to just skip the morning shower in exchange for another 15 min­utes of sleep.

Contrary to popu­lar belief, you do not have to compro­mise your precious sleeping time to maintain good hygiene.

With the new “power shower” tech­nique, you can combine a shower with a nap.

Just step in, turn on the water and take a quick snooze. It’s just that easy.

Sleep deprivation experts across the globe are raving about the benefits of the power shower.

“As a freshman, I mistakenly fell into the trap of the power nap,” expert Tony Snickel said in a recent interview. “Though I thought it would re-energize me, I ended up snoozing – sometimes even drooling – in class. Thanks to the power shower my energy and hygiene are on the up. I mean look, I even have a girlfriend now!”

After you try a power shower, you’ll never go back to a power nap again. In fact, naps in general may soon be uni­versally replaced with showers.

Some may say the power shower “wastes water,” but obviously they’ve never tried it. It’s the perfect de-stress­ing strategy. I’m sure all the dolphins and manatees out there won’t mind too much.

So the next time you’re awake and wish you weren’t, try the power shower technique. You won’t be sorry, unless the water gets scalding hot.

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