‘The Walking Dead’: Mid-Season Finale

By Mallory Hurst

Photo courtesy of AMC

Photo courtesy of AMC

The toughest part of television shows are when they end. It’s inevi­table for there to be a cliff-hanger. The one thing that leaves us on the edge of our seat, where we must remain for the next however many months. Do they intend to tor­ture us so?

Many of us can relate to the wear and tear “The Walk­ing Dead” has im­posed on our Sun­day evenings. The joy, the sadness, the frustration. We feed on it. We want more.

The possibility of a zombie apo­colypse entices us. We all claim we would be able to bring those zombies to their end. It would be “easy.”

Well, I have news for you. These zombies may be single-minded and only out for your flesh, but they are still strong and one mistake would be the end as we saw in recent episodes.

I don’t know about you all, but this show makes my Sunday night. Now I will have to resort to studying for finals after this Sunday. I would much rather watch zombies roaming around.

I suppose they’ve decided to end it two weeks before finals for our own benefit. Maybe they know that impor­tant tests are coming up.

Then again, the situation is out of my hands. I don’t have much of a choice but to accept it and be productive with my additonal time.

For those of you who have had watch parties of this show, I commend you. The discussions and presump­tions could go on and on.

This season has already been sig­nificantly better than Season 2 and I look forward to what they continue to show us. I suppose studying is for the greater good. Guess I can start after the show Sunday night!

“The Walking Dead” airs on AMC at 8, 9 and 11 p.m. this Sunday.

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