Thoughts from a Black Friday worker

By Kati Bush

Who knew the sound of hundreds of feet stampeding across linoleum for a tablet could put such fright within me.

My name is Kati Bush. I work at Kohl’s. And I sur­vived Black Friday.

Now, let me clar­ify what I mean by the word ‘survived.’ I worked the open­ing shift this year as opposed to the 8 to 5 shift I worked last year. So the idea of working from midnight to 8 o’clock in the morning was a whole new world to me.

Naturally, Thanksgiving day, I did not sleep. I can honestly say that was prob­ably the most unintelligent choice I have made in a long time. 10 o’clock rolled around, and Black Friday was biting at my heels like a Teacup Chihuahua with a bad attitude.

As I reluctantly pulled into the park­ing lot, anticipating a line that stretched half way to Texas, I was pleasantly sur­prised at the sight of a very minimal amount of people waiting outside. In­stantly, I had the mentality that the next 9 hours were going to be a piece of cake.

At exactly midnight, the doors were unlocked and a plethora of pajama pant wearing, coffee drinking customers power-walked their way into the store. I have seen a lot of enthusiasm in my year an a half at my job. However, I have not experienced enthusiasm such as this.

For a good two hours, the already congested area that is the shoe depart­ment was crawling with an unthinkable amount of people. It seemed like every time I turned a corner I ran into some­one who was looking for the same pair of 20 dollar boots in the coveted size of 9.5, which we had a whole whopping zero of.

The most amusing part of this expe­rience was the lines for the registers; which wrapped all the way around to the back of the store. People were wait­ing to check out for hours upon end as they scooted their 2 and 3 foot high piles of shoe boxes, toasters, and crock pots.

So I survived. I may or may not have exited the building looking like the troll that lives under the bridge. I may or may not have woken up from a five hour nap clutching my laptop as if it were a teddy bear. But I survived.

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