Undefeated start for men’s basketball

By Rubi Torres, staff writer

Photo courtesy of Jim AstSenior guard Shamar Acuay dunks against Fort Hays University on Saturday.

Photo courtesy of Jim Ast
Senior guard Shamar Acuay dunks against Fort Hays University on Saturday.

The men’s basketball team continues its momentum, picking up two wins at home and one win on the road.

The men have remained undefeated on their home court and now have a 5-0 record.

The Jets first faced off against Man­hattan Christian. Junior Trea Beck led with 14 points, while sophomore Ryan McCarthy had 13 points and senior Shamar Acuay had 12 points.

Junior Mike Falvo, who helped the Jets with 10 points, hit a three-pointer before the buzzer to lead 52-15 at half­time.

The game ended with a final score of 99-39 and a victory for the Jets. The Jets had a 56.9 percent shooting average and 38 rebounds, compared to Manhattan Christian’s 31.

The Newman Jets then went on the road, where they faced Pittsburg State University.

Senior Bobby Wesley led the team with 20 points, junior Marquis Cuyler had 14 points, and junior Frankie Dray­ton had 11.

Though player Kaleb Porter for the Pitt State Gorillas had 26 points, that didn’t stop the Jets, who had a 45-38 lead at halftime.

The Jets led the game by a 20 point margin with 11:54 left in the game, and the final buzzer ended the game with a score of 89-79.

The Jets had a 41.8 percent shooting average and 30 rebounds to the Gorillas’ 27.

The Jets then picked up another win at home against Fort Hays State Univer­sity on Nov. 24.

Senior Shamar Acuay led the team with 29 points, and senior Darrell Tray­lor added 17 points.

The Fort Hays Tigers led the game in the first few minutes of play, with a score of 11-0, but the Jets were able to turn the game around and lead at half­time with a score of 43-35.

With six minutes remaining in the game, the Jets led by an 11 point margin. Though the Tigers kept adding pres­sure, it was not enough to stop the Jets and the buzzer ended the game with a score of 80-78, securing another New­man victory.

The shooting average for the Jets was 36.2 percent, and they out-rebounded the Tigers 43-40.

“We just need to continue building more team chemistry and keep the en­ergy level up,” said Acuay.

The men improved to a 5-0 record af­ter their win Tuesday against Emporia State University.

The Newman men’s basketball team will be back in action against McMurry university at 7:30 p.m. today in the Fu­gate Gymnasium.

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