MickBie and Me: We are all misfits

By Jes Bouchard

Jayden Gregory, PhotographerJes and MickBie sport their “I am a misfit” t-shirts with confidence.

Jayden Gregory, Photographer
Jes and MickBie sport their “I am a misfit” t-shirts with confidence.

Guess what? I’m a misfit – and so are you.

If there’s one thing I’ve learned since having MickBie (really, I’ve known my whole life), it’s that I’m a misfit. Just ship me off to the Island of Misfit Toys because I’d fit in more than Charlie-In-The-Box.

There’s noth­ing like being sur­rounded by a million people and being the one that sticks out like a sore thumb. On campus there is nobody like me; af­ter all, I’m “the girl with the dog.”

Maybe you’re the smallest kid on campus, or the one that wears the brightest clothes. Could be that you’re not a Catholic, or maybe have a differ­ent sexual orientation. Maybe you’re very shy, or completely obnoxious. Are you an international student? Are you an orphan? Do you have five million siblings, or do you have none at all? Maybe you fall into several of these ex­amples – or maybe none at all. Either way – you’re a misfit.

See, I don’t think we’re all supposed to fall into a simple set of labels. I think we all have a million different hats we wear, and we all have something to contribute. What is that? Well, that de­pends on what kind of a misfit you are.

Maybe you’re King Moonracer – a lion who is flying around the world, spotting misfits, and gathering all those that are unique and giving them a place to call home. (Thank you, by the way. Everybody needs a place to call home.)

You could be Charlie-In-The-Box – who on the outside acts like a normal Jack-In-The-Box, but inside you know you’re just filling the part you’re sup­posed to play – even if it’s not where you want to be. (Keep doing what you’re doing – you’re good at it. Either find the joy to do the job, or wait until another opportunity “opens” up. You’ll get into a different position someday.)

Are you the bird-fish? A fish who needs to be in the water, but is stuck flying in the air? (Do you realize how lucky you are to experience the stuff you get to see and do? It’s only tempo­rary. Take advantage of the opportu­nity. It won’t last forever.)

You may even be Rudolph – a nat­ural-born leader with a lot to offer, but you don’t get the chance because you’re different. (Don’t fret – sooner or later, Santa will realize how much he needs you.)

Maybe you are just getting by – that’s ok. Life is rough, for all of us. See, that’s what a lot of people fail to real­ize; each of us is struggling some way, somehow: family, friends, school, fi­nances, health – whatever. Nobody has the perfect life. Those that seem like they do are either putting on a really good front, or are going to take a RE­ALLY hard reality hit someday.

This holiday season is hard for a lot of people. Maybe it’s because you real­ize just how much of a misfit you are. Embrace the fact that you are unique – because you, and only you, have a specific purpose in this world. You can make a difference. You can get some­thing done. You are needed. You are loved.

Take it from me, the girl with the dog. You are a misfit, and so am I.

Check out these misfit facts: www.misfitsighting.com.


  1. I’ve always been a misfit. The girl who doesn’t play girly games, who’s not goth, not a cheerleader, smart, snide, snarky, and crude. The girl your boyfriend considers one of the guys and is therefore a threat (just because), the smart girl who undermines your own smartness somehow, the stand-up Constitutionalist who doesn’t care if her Dem friends discard her instead of engaging in debate. I look normal, I don’t have a cool MickBie dog, but I’ve got crazy cats, great family and thankfully, friends who accept me.

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