The Vantage is a weekly student produced newspaper serving Newman University and the surrounding community. The content of the opinions page does not necessarily reflect the opinions of Newman University, nor the opinions of the entire paper staff. The views expressed by columnists are their own.

Advertising Matter

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Complaints concerning advertisements in The Vantage should be directed here:
Business Manager, The Vantage
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Letters to the Editor Policy

Letters to the editor are welcomed on any topic relating to Newman or the contents of The Vantage. Letters should be between 75 and 250 words in length and must include the writer’s name, year or position, major or department, student identification number, contact phone number and e-mail address. Letters are subject to editing for space and clarity. Nameless letters will not be printed.

Letters can be sent to the following:
Opinions Editor, The Vantage
DeMattias 266, 3100 McCormick
Wichita, KS 67213