MoviePass: A cheap way to watch movies

By Jack Schafer, Staff Writer

If you are a student who loves movies but can’t afford to go to one as frequently as you would like, you’re in luck.

An entertainment app lowered its subscription service price more than 80 percent, affecting how much money moviegoers spend at the theatre, for now, at least.

MoviePass, a rising star with movie aficionados in the United States, has actually been available for seven years but just recently changed its monthly membership price from around $50 to a minuscule $7.95—as long as you pay the full price up front, claiming that anyone who has a membership can watch up to one movie a day per month, if they wanted to.

A single movie ticket nowadays can cost more than the newly-priced monthly subscription.

Ever heard of the idiom, “If it’s too good to be true, it probably is?”  Well, there are a few strings attached. The most substantial caveat is that the fee does have to be paid up front. If the individual is willing to pay the $115.35 (there is a one-time subscription fee), they could be saving money in the long run. How much you save depends on how many times the pass is utilized throughout the year.

When signing up for MoviePass, the company sends you a debit card in the mail, which could take up to 2-3 weeks to arrive because of high traffic, according to their Twitter account.  

MoviePass does not cover anything besides a 2-D film. So subscribers would not be able to use the service for the Warren West’s IMAX theatre, or any 3-D movie.

MoviePass works with almost all the Warren locations except Warren East.  If you pay for the subscription, only you personally can use it.

The MoviePass website states that if this rule is violated, it will result in a ban of the account.  The subscription also includes a membership to Fandor, an online movie streaming service.

The head programmer of Fandor, Gail Gendler, says the site’s goal is to keep around 6,000 titles up at a time. Who needs homework when you can go see as many movies monthly as your heart desires and when your done with that, come home and stream more?

You would have to really enjoy movies to subscribe to a service like MoviePass. But, a year’s worth of hit films for $7.95 per month doesn’t seem like a bad thing to invest in.

If you are interested in the subscription, jump on it; it won’t last forever. But if you are not willing to pay for the subscription, there are always other student-friendly options like the Movie Machine in the Towne West Mall that only charges $5.50 for a movie with a student ID or the Old Town Warren that has $5 movies on Wednesdays.