The Mudloft: Director of Residence Life gets a real house

By Madeline Alvarez, Staff Writer

With the closing of Merlini Hall this year, the Office of Residence Life, which had been located in Merlini, was in need of a new location.

Director of Residence Life Scott Mudloff and his wife had also lived in Merlini, and had had to move into a two bedroom townhome for a few months following its closing.

The answer to both needed locations came when the ASC sisters moved out of their house that they had been living in next to The Landing. This house presented the perfect place to move the new office, and for the Mudloffs to make their home in.

Mudloff said that with help from administrators and through the kindness of the sisters, the arrangements were made for the Residence Life Office to be moved to the new location at 3220 W. McCormick St.

Mudloff and graduate assistant of residence life, Jerricus Funderburke, settled into their new offices Oct. 30.

“It’s just kind of been good for all of us all around,” Mudloff said, adding that the move “breathes a little life into res life… Now we’re more ideally located.”

Funderburke still lives in the residence halls, but has his own office space in the new building.

Mudloff said that he and his wife are enjoying much more space, with three rooms for office purposes on the first floor and three bedrooms in the living area of the house on the second floor.

“Our apartment in Merlini was right next to the exit door, so you would hear anytime somebody would use their prox card to get in....” Mudloff said. “If they opened it too hard, that door would actually fling open and slam into the wall of our apartment.”

Mudloff said that the new building has been a blessing, and that he and his wife have felt “welcomed and a part of the community.”

“It’s been a real Godsend for us,” he said. “I love it… It’s nice to be in a home again.”

Mudloff said that the signs directing people to the old Residence Life Office in Merlini will be moved to point the way to the new office so that students will be able to locate it easily if they have questions or concerns about housing.

PHOTO: THE OFFICE OF RESIDENCE LIFE is now located next to the Landing. Courtney Klaus, Editor-In-Chief