Blank space? Lets fill it with something useful.

By Kaitlyn Smith, A&E Editor

In September, there was an article written about the Koons Salvage Yard that Newman had purchased. Bruce Sanderson, the director of facilities, said that the university is considering turning it into a green space. This brought ideas forward like walking trails, benches and other things of that sort. This would be great and all, if Newman was a senior living community, but it’s not.

If you want students to actually use a space like this, you’ve got to make it into somewhere students want to go. This space needs to be a place where students can look forward to hanging out with their friends and going to explore our campus’ culture.

While working on plans for the Bands and Bonfire, Anthony Navarrete and I came to the perfect conclusion for what should be done to this space.

We should build a wooden stage at one end of the lot.  Get this stage all fixed up with some lighting for special events and an outdoor sound system.  This way CAB can host the Bands and Bonfire outside in a cool space. This would also allow for events such as open mic nights, poetry slams and other events to have an interactive area to hold their gatherings.

The area should have a center, a main focus of unity. I think a huge fire pit placed in the center of the space would tie the lot together.   Not one of those off-the-ground metal ones.  I’m talking stone, built into the ground, massive circle firepit.  Around the pit, logs should be placed for student’s relaxing pleasure.  But, that’s not all.

Along the north side by the highway, a tree wall should be planted to block highway noise. Heck, they might as well plant trees around the entire border for total privacy. Other trees should also be planted in a proper proximity so that 30 or 50 years down the road, students can enjoy the perfect place to hang their hammocks.  

Not only would this space be the perfect hangout for students during the evenings in whatever season, but also it will be a more.. ahem… age appropriate use of the space. If y’all think students are going to enjoy walking paths more than a fire pit, you haven’t talked to any of us in a long time. Somebody get me on this planning committee.  

PHOTO: Tyler Pollard, Staff Photographer.