Lost and found moves from email to website

Instead of sending emails, Security Director Morris Floyd says he will report lost and found items to the Newman website using a Google Doc.  

Floyd said he made the decision to stop using emails because, although many people told him they liked the humor he added, he knew there were others who didn’t like the extra mail.

“I had a student suggest, ‘Why don’t you just put a page on the Newman website? Then people can go there if they’re missing something or want to check and see what the latest is, and it’s voluntary.’”

For those who enjoyed the song parodies and stories Floyd used to report lost items, he said there’s no need to worry. The posts on the Google Doc will be as light-hearted and fun as ever, he said.

“It’s a creative way to get the word out there, but I don’t want to annoy people, so to speak, so we will just do it this way from now on.”

To see the lost and found list, students can go to the Newman website, scroll to the bottom to the “Quick Links” and click on “Emergency.” From there, they can click on the “Lost and Found” tab on the next page and they will be sent to the Google Doc.