School dances are definitely worth the hype

By Murphy Obershaw, Staff Writer

When I hear the words “school dance,” I can’t help but feel hyped.  However, not everyone gets as excited for school dances as I do.

People dislike dances for a few different reasons. They don’t like the pressure of asking someone to go with them, assembling the right group, or finding the right outfit.  Others are not too keen on spending a lot of money, listening to lame music or dancing itself.

While I agree that trying to find a date and a group can be a struggle and cause some drama, the other reasons listed above don’t really bother me.  

I am normally not too concerned about how I look, so I don’t get too wrapped up trying to get my outfit perfect.  I just try to keep an eye out all year round for a nice dress at a good price.  This method has worked out well because every dress I have bought for a school dance has been under $30.

Paying to get into dances can be kind of painful considering they can cost anywhere from $15-$50 per person, but the price is worth it.  It’s worth it for me because I love dancing and usually enjoy the music that is played.  

It’s fun to get dressed up to spend an evening dancing with my friends.  I attended every dance my high school held and always had a good time.  

Newman did not have a homecoming dance last year, but they have had them in years past.  I was shocked to find that out and wondered why Newman would get rid of something so fun.  The answer to this question was simple: people were just not into the homecoming dances that Newman used to hold.  

I’m glad that the Campus Activities Board is trying to bring this tradition back in a new way with the homecoming after party.  I hope people enjoy this event and are more into it than the dances Newman used to have.  With over 100 tickets sold so far, it seems like people are willing to give it a chance.

The after party will be from 10 p.m. to 1 a.m. tonight in the Jabara Theater following the homecoming basketball games.  Attendees who are 21 or older have the option of receiving three glasses of wine, three beers, or two mixed drinks.  Pizza and punch are provided for everyone.

Even though it will not be exactly like the dances I was used to in high school, I’m still psyched to dance the night away.  Plus, the theme is 80s, so I get to show up in a jean jacket, boots, and red pants.  Things can’t get any better than that.