Accepted students gear up for game night

By Adrienne Esposito, Staff Writer

Last weekend, the Admissions Department teamed up with Residence Life to host the annual Accepted Students Day game night.

Graduate assistant of Residence Life, Jerricus Funderburke, said that this event is aimed toward students who have been accepted to Newman, but aren’t fully committed to coming to the institution yet. The event is meant to engage current students with an evening of activities and free food.

Last year was the first year that the departments co-hosted this event. Funderburke said they were pleased with the success of the event last year, and made plans to hold it again this spring.

Accepted students were invited to spend an evening with current Newman students, eat pizza and snacks, play board games, win gift cards and ultimately get a feel for campus life at Newman. At the end of the evening, the students were even invited to stay overnight with a current student in his or her residence hall on campus to complete the experience. A total of seven accepted students stayed overnight last Friday.

The Residence Life Coordinator said that game night was just as successful this year, with 65 students and accepted students attending the event. The Student Life Instagram page boasted in a story that a few of the accepted students even took the leap of committing to Newman over the weekend.

“We just want to create an atmosphere that will give accepted students a sense of what life is like at Newman,” Funderburke said.

PHOTO: POTENTIAL STUDENTS were given the opportunity to experience the true Newman experience on Friday. Courtesy Photo, Joseph Shepard