Student shares love of cheese with the world

By Adrienne Espositio, Staff Writer

What is considered a casual snack by most has grown into a hobby for junior Ralsten Tersol. When he’s not in class or bowling strikes with the Newman bowling team, Tersol can be found tasting and critiquing different types of cheese on his Instagram account.

Tersol said that this unique hobby started with a love for the savory food and an interest in trying all of the different types found on the market.

“I’ve wanted to do it for a while… I just didn’t want to do it alone,” Tersol said.

Once his friend and fellow classmate Jonathan Liu joined him, Tersol gained confidence in the endeavor and starting posting the reviews.

Throughout the spring semester, the pair have made an effort to upload a review of some type of cheese every other Monday, whether it be Gouda or Taco Bell’s nacho cheese fries.

Texture, taste and quality are all characteristics that the young cheese connoisseur takes into consideration when reviewing a cheese.

“Hands down my favorite cheese has to be smoked Gouda,” Tersol said. “My least favorite is any sort of Brie… it’s not really something I can eat by itself.”

Though he’s only been trying cheeses locally, he hopes to eventually travel out of the country to expand his palate.

Tersol said the newfound hobby has even helped him to break out of his shell and not worry as much about what everyone thinks.

“Before, I was really self conscious and I was really concerned about what people would think about me posting about cheese… I don’t really worry about that anymore,” Tersol said. “It’s something I like to do.”

Tersol’s cheese critiques can be found on his Instagram page, @flex_a_bowl.

PHOTO: CHEESE FANATIC RALSTEN TERSOL has begun reviewing cheeses on his Instagram. Courtesy photo, Ralsten Tersol