THE NEWMAN GRIND: Hot or not? It’s just a subpar cup of joe

By Carley Sullivan, Photography Editor

I think working at a coffee shop for the past year or so has turned me into a coffee snob, and wow, is that frustrating. I can no longer go into any random shop and think that I’m drinking a good cup of Joe. I think that’s a big part of why I am less than satisfied with our Scooter’s replacement, the Newman Grind.

But that’s not the only reason.

Don’t get me wrong, I am appreciative that we have something there, but we could do better.

The Newman Grind’s drink menu is a bit underwhelming. There’s a handful of teas, a few different blends of drip coffee, some iced coffee, hot chocolate and cappuccinos. But these are nothing special.

My first complaint is that there is no espresso, or espresso beverages offered. Scooter’s espresso beverages may not have been the best espresso beverages available, but at least we had the option of lattes and blended drinks when Scooter’s was here. The closest thing offered now is the “cappuccino”.

The cappuccinos are far from a true cappuccino. Real cappuccinos are espresso and steamed milk foam, a fairly strong coffee flavor. The cappuccinos being served are a sugary, thicker hot beverage, closer to a latte. While these may be tasty, it isn’t truly a cappuccino.

I tend to like iced drinks, so when I saw the iced coffee option, I was pretty excited. But man, was I disappointed. This iced coffee was one of the grossest iced coffees I have tasted, and I have had quite a few from a variety of places. Nothing I did to this coffee made it any better, and I typically am pretty good at making coffee taste good – I am a barista after all.

My experience with the iced coffee has made me wary of the drip coffees, so I have yet to try them. I do not anticipate enjoying them though, as I am used to having local and freshly roasted coffees and who knows when these coffee beans were roasted. There’s a chance my assumptions are wrong and it’s possible that I am just an annoying coffee snob, but my hopes aren’t set too high here.

My last complaint are the limited hours that the Newman Grind holds. It is open 8 a.m. to 2 p.m. daily, which just does not seem like enough time. Students that have 8 a.m. classes cannot rely on the Newman Grind for their morning (sub-par) coffee before class. Also, anyone that has class in the afternoon or evening need a caffeine pick-me-up is out of luck for an option on campus. Plus, it’s just plain creepy to sit in the area after the shop has closed, even though that is a prime spot to hang out and study.

It’s nice to have food and drink options on campus other than the cafeteria, however, there are better options and I hope that we end up with something new there next semester. The best part of my Newman Grind experiences have been my interactions with the smiling and kind workers. Great service, gross coffee.