Vantage files crime report for missing papers

By Madison McCollum, Opinions Editor

The Vantage has filed a crime report with campus security following a large amount of missing papers from racks around campus.

Morris Floyd, director of security, has delivered the papers for three years and said he noticed that whole stacks of issues began disappearing last semester, so he alerted the Vantage Editor-In-Chief Courtney Klaus.

“I brought it up to Courtney that there were issues that were disappearing in areas that they hadn’t historically,” Floyd said. “Usually there’s at least half of the issues left that I move down a shelf to put the new issue on the top shelf.”

Klaus said she had kept an eye on the racks since Floyd alerted her, and had noticed several instances of whole stacks of issues disappearing from the racks within hours of the racks being filled.

“There was one rack in particular I noticed that was almost consistently empty each week. I asked around about it and got no explanation why,” she said.

Floyd said there has been about four locations on campus where the newspapers have disappeared regularly and within a short period of time.

Klaus said she initially decided not to raise the issue, but after noticing several stacks of issues go missing in particular areas, such as Sacred Heart, De Mattias and Eck Hall, she decided it was important to make a report.

“It’s fine for people to pick up multiple copies and share them, but that’s not what this was,” she said.

Floyd said he did not notice a pattern in which issues went missing.

“It’s not because of the content of the paper or the story or anything because, not only are they gone, but past issues are also gone,” said Floyd. “So, it’s not somebody trying, I don’t think, to hide something that’s going on, because it’s also available online, but we don’t know why.”

But Klaus said she is not so sure the issues that go missing are completely random. She said she noticed when controversial stories end up on the front page, issues are more likely to disappear.