Seniors get real about leaving Newman

By Katie Smith & Adrienne Esposito, A&E Editor & Staff Writer

As the spring semester draws to a close, Newman is ushering out yet another group of bright eyed seniors, ready to take on the world in their fields of choice. The Vantage decided to interview a few that make Newman look particularly good, but wish the best to all of the outgoing seniors. Cheers to the class of 2019.

Annie Dinh

After graduation, Annie Dinh will be attending the University of Kansas School of Medicine.

“Eventually, I hope to become to an oncologist and work at the Cancer Center of Kansas,” she said.

Dinh said she is excited to start medical school and cannot wait to hop into her dream career.

“I’ve wanted to become a physician my entire life so it’s amazing to see my dream becoming a reality and my all hard-work paying off.”

After her time here at Newman, Dinh said she is sad to leave her new family behind.

“I’ll definitely miss my Asian Student Association family the most. It’s very bittersweet to be leaving ASA. I didn’t expect to create so many memories and friendships with such wonderful people.”

She said ASA has impacted her college experience greatly.

“My favorite memory was ASA’s first End of the Year Banquet. As one of the graduating seniors being recognized, I was surprised with jar filled with personalized handwritten notes from each ASA member. I was incredibly touched and it’s my favorite gift.”

Dinh said no one should forget to enjoy their college experience.

Camden Hoover

Camden Hoover said that she will be moving to Indiana after graduation to start working on her PhD.

“I’m most looking forward to doing cancer research in the lab every day, but I’m also looking forward to exploring a new city,” Hoover said.

Hoover said that she has had many fun memories of her time at Newman.

“My favorite memory at Newman is scaring Dr. Bradley by kicking his door open every time I entered.”

She said that everyone should find a way to make their dreams happen.

“If you love something, find a way to do it.”

Maria Somes

Maria Somes said she will miss everything about her Newman experience.

“There’s so many lessons I've learned and grown from during college. So maybe, just to trust in the process of facing new challenges, making mistakes, letting go, and taking it day by day,” Somes said.

Somes said she is looking forward to all of the new experiences including looking into teaching English abroad as a second language.

“Don't be afraid to ask your professors questions, be patient with yourself, look for the humor in things, and just enjoy it!”

Madison McCollum

Madison McCollum said she will be joining the Disney College Program in Orlando.

“I've never actually been on my own. Even though I don't have any family around Kansas, my parents live 15 minutes away and have always helped me in emergencies-- even if that emergency is needing chapstick at work. I'm really excited to be on my own and really test who I am as a person and, hopefully, grow,” McCollum said.

McCollum said that she has a close relationship with the Newman staff and will miss them after graduation.

“I've had several adults that constantly check in on me and are willing to let me babble at them about anything and everything. They make me laugh and they've really made the Newman experience...well, an experience,” she said.

McCollum said that it is important to keep your head up all the time.

“Not to spend more than five minutes worrying about something that won’t affect me in the next five years. If I don’t get that job, if I trip up the stairs and someone see, if I have to stand up for someone else— in the moment such trivial things can seem huge and life changing, but they’re really not.”

PHOTO: Courtesy Photo, University Relations