Meet Newman's new chaplain, Father Adam

By Murphy Obershaw, Staff Writer

Newman welcomed a new chaplain, Father Adam Grelinger, in July.

The previous chaplain, Father John Fagliasso, was reassigned to St. Jude Parish after being at Newman for five years.  Fr. Adam said that priests typically get different assignments every few years.

Fr. Adam may be the new chaplain, but he is not new to Newman University. He was an information technology student at Newman who graduated in 2011.

“It feels comfortable being here, being back at Newman,” he said.  “I am excited to be a part of Newman and be a part of students’ lives.”

While in college, Father Adam lived in the dorms, worked at the IT help desk, went on retreats, and had some of the professors that are still at Newman.  In addition to that, he also helped start Newman 360 Five.

He said that during his junior year, he realized God was calling him to be a priest.  Fr. Adam managed to graduate a year early, and entered seminary the following fall.

After being ordained in May 2017, Fr. Adam was assigned to Blessed Sacrament Parish and served as a pastor there until he was assigned to Newman.

Though he has only been here for a short time, students are saying that Fr. Adam has already been making a good impression on them.

Clare Morgan, a campus minister, only has good things to say about the new chaplain.

“Fr. Adam has already brought so much excitement and joy to Newman. He has so much energy and willingness to learn and inspire. I honestly can't wait to see the impact he has on our school,” Morgan said.

Marie O’Neal, another campus minister, is also excited to work with him.

“Fr. Adam’s passion for Newman University is inspiring.  I am so grateful that I will get to work with him throughout this year.  His joy is absolutely contagious,” O’Neal said.

Fr. Adam hopes people feel free to stop by the campus ministry office if they would like to talk or just say hello.

“I am here for whatever people might need,” he said.

Not only will Fr. Adam be the new chaplain, but he will also be teaching two classes: Catholic Imagination and Catholic Doctrine and Sacraments.  It’s too late to sign up for his classes this semester, but they will be offered again in the spring semester.

PHOTO: Courtesy Photo. Murphy Obershaw.