Why I chose Newman, and my first impressions as a transfer

By Hope Eckley

My name is Hope Eckley, and I am a transfer student at Newman University. I transferred from Highland Community College, where I participated on the softball team. I chose Newman University this year because I felt that it was a perfect fit for me as an individual.

I was first attracted to Newman because it is in my hometown. Since I was away for my first two years, being able to live at home with my family was very important to me heading into my junior year.

I was welcomed on my visit more than any college I had visited prior to Newman. This not only piqued my interest in Newman but also made me feel like I was part of the family before I had even committed to attending the University.

During my time at Newman university I will be studying communications. I also partake in journalism and being apart of the vantage newspaper. Newman has given me multiple opportunities to help me decide how I plan to further my career in communications.

Newman puts faith first and that is something that is hard to find in a college. Transferring from a public community college, where speaking of your religious beliefs was never something that was supported, I know what it is like to not truly be able to be yourself. At Newman, the professors are open about their beliefs and the students are more than encouraged to talk about what they believe.

Being a transfer student has positive and negative factors. When choosing a school it is very important to know the things you did not like about your past school and be sure that the school you choose to attend next has all of the right qualities.

I have learned in my first few days at Newman that no one is a stranger on campus. Everyone greets each other whether it’s in the classroom or on the sidewalks.

The instructors at Newman University have been welcoming and friendly. Each instructor has taken the time to personally know my name and the activities that I participate in at Newman.

After my first week, I know that at Newman University I will be pushed to achieve my academic and athletic goals.

PHOTO: Courtesy Photo. Hope Eckley.