10 lessons I have learned through my 20 years

By Katie Smith, A&E Editor

The year is 2019 and that means that I am finally 20, said no one ever. Everyone knows the years between 18 and 21 are just bridge years. No one really cares about their 19th or 20th birthday. This does, however, mean I have been on this planet for two whole decades. I’ve been around a time or two and let me tell you, it has been a rollercoaster. I love my life but I have learned some hard lessons and have had to come to terms with some things. Think of me as your less expensive but desperately needed approval buddy because hey, when it comes down to it, I’m just kind of winging this whole thing.

Here are some lessons I’ve picked up along the way..

It’s okay to be selfish

When it comes down to it, you have to take care of you first. If you aren’t there for you, you can’t be there for others. It’s viable for you to take time to breathe without worrying about what you need to do next.

Solid friendships are so important

My friend told me how the girls she used to be friends with would say terrible things to her. Bottom line: know your worth. Tolerate nothing less. Surround yourself with people you can talk about anything with and who will always have your back.

Family comes first

My family is so special to me. Since moving out, I feel the need to be even closer to my family. It’s unsettling and beautiful to watch my siblings and parents grow older. Hold on to them.

God wants you

As a cradle catholic who has somewhat fallen away within the last year, every time I do make it to mass I feel Him craving for our relationship and I want it back too. I have most likely cried at every mass I’ve attended in the past year.

It’s okay to not do anything

Seriously. Listen to me again. IT’S OKAY TO NOT DO ANYTHING! We need to hit the reset button every once and awhile. This is how we take care of our mental health, by slowing down and just relaxing. Try it once a month if possible.

It’s important to go out every once in a while

Yes, I am condoning being crazy and “irresponsible.” I am one of the busiest people I know but I also know that everyone else around me is crazy busy. Sometimes I’ve just got to blow off steam. Take a break from pressing deadlines, interacting with people who drain you, and work and go do something stupid fun with people that make you happy.

Taking naps is a must

Naps are one of my favorite things in the entire world and I would not be the person I am if it were not for napping. Napping is the only way to recharge in between running from activity to activity.

Do that crazy thing

Dye your hair pink, get that regrettable tattoo, pierce your nose, really do whatever you want. Hair grows back, tattoos still look okay when your old, and you’ll be a trendy grandma in 40 years. Go skydiving, parasailing, ride that roller coaster you’re afraid of. Do things that scare you. You only get one chance to do this life, don’t leave somewhere with regret. I am terrified of heights but the time I went parasailing was one of the most memorable experiences of my life.

One cookie won’t hurt

Seriously, it won’t. No you’re not fat. No one thinks you’re fat. If someone takes time out of their day to comment on your body type or what you choose to eat, they’re probably miserable or jealous. Remember: We ain’t here for a long time, just a good time.

Take that trip

This one is self explanatory. Why not? You only get a solid 20 years that you might be able to travel in your best health. The time is now. Go out and see the world. God put so much here for us to explore, go and do it. Money will always return but we are never guaranteed tomorrow.

PHOTO: Katie Smith, A&E Editor