Intramurals steps up their game to attract members

By Aaron Eshelman, Staff Writer

The Newman intramurals staff has a goal of increasing participation, said junior staff member Kyra Butler.

“Each day of the week, we have a table set up for sign ups in different places and times around campus to try and reach all students,” Butler said.

Previously, tables were only set up in the Mabee Dining Center, which is a good spot to reach students who live on campus but does not help promote the events to commuter students who largely do not have meal plans, said Butler.

Another new strategy the team put in place is having Google sign up sheets be emailed to students. This way even students who do not run into a table on their walk to and from classes are still able to sign up, Butler said.

Fellow junior staff member, Zach Myers, said another strategy to increase participation is offering quality prizes to winners.

“I think a big thing we can do is offer incentives for winning leagues over the course of the year. Also offering intramurals T-shirts to people who participate,” Myers said.

In recent years, the intramurals staff has mainly focused on doing events that last just one night.

Myers said the plan is different this year. Leagues will be formed, with a new one being made each month.

The first league being offered to students is corn hole. Butler said that teams of two will compete in a league that meets every Wednesday in October. In November, students can expect a dodgeball league that will also hold games once a week.

Butler said to expect a new and different intramural league each month of the school year.

PHOTO: Courtesy Photo.