Students add Crocs to their staple shoe wardrobe

By Katie Smith, A&E Editor

There is one fashion trend that has started to plague the Newman campus. Who knew such a staple and tragic item from our childhood could resurface and become, yet again, a staple item for many college students.

These shoes are made from a rubber-foam concoction and have the ability to transform themselves from “sport mode” to “rest mode” with the flip of a strap. You’re right. You’ve guessed it. Crocs are making a comeback.

Crocs were created in 2002, when most of us were little tots. Of course our parents made us wear them because they were so simple to slip off and on. Putting shoes on kids seems to be a constant struggle, so I understand why parents were fond of them. This trend has gotten out of hand as many companies are collaborating with Crocs such as Vera Bradley and Balenciaga.

After analyzing the campus, the largest student population to wear crocs leans towards the athletes, mainly the bowlers. At least 10 of the athletes owns a minimum of one pair, some with summer styles and others with croc’s winter style, the fuzzy croc.

Students all have different reasons for choosing to wear them. Some said they don’t wear them for fashion, they wear them strictly for functionality.

“Crocs can be slipped off and on in an instant. They’re good for slipping on when you need to get something out of your car or when you don’t feel like wearing real shoes,” they say.

Junior Brittani Magee is one of the bowlers who happens to own fuzzy Crocs.

“Do you have a shoe that you can slip on that keeps your feet warm that is acceptable to wear outside? Hear me out, everyone is like ‘Oh Birks!’ The shoe (fuzzy Crocs) is covered and you can’t get anything in the holes because the fur covers the holes. So you can wear them in the snow,” she said.

Thankfully there are still some students who haven’t become totally crazed by this trend.

“Personally I would never wear them. But some people can pull them off,” said junior Jordan Ojile.

While it is clear that I hate the trend that is Crocs, I cannot tell a lie. I slipped my friend’s pair on to run down the hall and the comfort of the shoe was surprising. Still, I would never dream of investing in these abominations of footwear.

PHOTO: Katie Smith, A&E Editor.