Eshel-Mania: The Super Bowl’s MVP was not Patrick Mahomes

By Aaron Eshelman, Staff Writer

Patrick Mahomes is basically Jesus to Chiefs fans and is undoubtedly the best player at the most important position in sports. He led the Chiefs to their first Super Bowl in 50 years and was named the Super Bowl’s most valuable player.

However, the real most valuable player was Damien Williams, the vetran running back out of Oklahoma. Williams recorded 104 rushing yards and tacked on another 29 receiving yards. He averaged 6.1 yards per carry vs. a 49ers defense which was second best in the NFL during the regular season. But most importantly, Williams scored the Chiefs’ final two touchdowns to complete their fourth quarter comeback.

All this while Mahomes was putting up frankly average numbers. Mahomes threw two interceptions for the first time all season. He also had a passer rating of just 78.1, which ranks as the third lowest of any quarterback to win the Super Bowl according to The Washington Post. That was ahead of only Tom Brady (2019) and Troy Aikman (1994), who was announcing the game.

At one point in the third quarter, Aikman even said, “Mahomes just hasn’t played well.”

Does that sound like an MVP to you? This was, of course, before the Chiefs’ astonishing fourth quarter comeback.

But that comeback could not have happened without Damien WIlliams. There have been 54 Super Bowls and a quarterback has been named MVP in more than half of them as opposed to the other 32 positions on the team counting offense, defense and special teams.

But in this Super Bowl, the almighty quarterback was outshined by Chiefs’ running back Damien WIlliams. The 16 voters for the award from the Professional Football Writers of America apparently didn’t watch the game.

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