NU's new education model: 'Navigator'

By Madeline Alvarez, Sports Editor

Dean of Arts and Sciences Lori Steiner and Communications Professor Audrey Hane are creating a new program called Navigator that they say will draw on Newman’s strengths and offer students a guided approach in their studies.

Hane said that Navigator, which will be offered for the first time in fall 2020, has been a work in progress for more than a year. The program is designed to help students find their strengths and build career goals.

“The intent is to provide students with the best experience possible while they’re at Newman while also preparing them for their next step,” Hane said.

Navigator will be open for all students, including incoming, transfer, and online students and will be optional. Current students may be offered the option of joining the program as well, Hane said.

Steiner said the program is meant to serve as a student’s GPS: Guide to Personal Success.

Hane said that three one-credit-hour classes that will count as electives to a student’s regular course load will be offered as part of the Navigator program.

The first class is called Flight. Students will discover their major, learn how to build a resume, learn basic leadership principles and participate in leadership activities, engage in a service project, and choose a leadership sponsor.

Vector Check, the second class, will be an opportunity to “check-in” to see if students are on track. Students can expect to refine their career portfolio, develop a leadership plan to help grow as a leader, participate in study abroad or regional multicultural activities, and select a mentor from within their field of study. They will meet regularly with their support team, which will consist of their faculty advisor, leadership sponsor, and community mentor.

The third class, called Launch, will be tied to internships and shadowing opportunities. Another part of the focus will be on writing reflections on leadership experiences and multicultural opportunities in the student’s career portfolio and refining it, finalizing a leadership plan for the future, and getting feedback from their support team.

While in the future, it might be helpful to add staff, Hane said, the program will begin by utilizing current faculty and staff. There will be a survey to gauge the interest of faculty and staff to see who wants to help.

PHOTO: Courtesy Photo, Newman Advancement