Spring musical cast announced this week

By Katie Smith, A&E Editor

Newman will have to wait awhile—until late April—to see the annual spring musical production.

By contrast, said the show’s director Deanne Zogleman, the whole thing came together rather quickly.

“Everything fell into place,” said Zogleman, who has been directing the spring show for 15 years. “This was probably the quickest I’ve ever cast a show. It took me less than 30 minutes. Everybody just fell into the spot where they are needed.”

The spring show is a type of Jukebox musical, where a plot is created through the use of the selected songs. An example of a Jukebox musical would be “Mamma Mia!”

This musical production is a way for the members of Chorale and Troubadours to let loose and have fun with the music, Zogleman said.

“In the fall, you do the fall concert. I want them to have every experience of singing the classical pieces as well as jazz,” she said. “Then we go to this show which is a conglomeration of all things musical theatre.”

The show is a part of the Chorale students’ grades. Zogleman said that, while they do like their time on stage, she makes sure they get a chance to help build the set and log tech hours.

“I want them to have that total rounded experience,” she said.

The cast list, which was released earlier this week, includes many faces that have been seen on stage from this year’s theatre productions.

“We have a lot of singers that can act, which is glorious for a director,” she said. “If they choose, they can audition for speaking roles...I have such great solo singers this semester that also happen to be great actors.”

The cast for “Come Alive” is as follows: Rebekah Lipinski as Josie, Liz Raehpour as Belinda, Sara Zogleman as Kim, Dyana Baca as Carla, Martina Viale as Amy, Emily Larkin as Beth, Michelle Tong as Kayla, Talia Powers as Sharon, Allison Williams as Gretchen, Tori Jansen as Kat, Rebecca Ortiz as Parker, John Suffield as Leo, Drew Entz as Oliver, Austin Schwartz as Cliff, Aaron VanNess as Arthur, Elijah Klein as Will, Keean Bush as Aladd, Alex DeHoet as Dean, Ralsten Tersol as George and Tim Albert as Murray.

The showings will be at 7:30 p.m. April 23-25 in the Performance Hall.

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