Not having to go to school isn't what it's cracked up to be

Jack Schafer, Staff Writer

This new way of life kind of sucks.

I wake up, check the time, 9:45. Go to the fridge, eat. Check the time, 9:55. Open up the computer, log into Zoom. 10 A.M. class starts. 11 A.M. Zoom meeting starts. Do homework, check online classes. Go for a run, do push ups. Rest and repeat.

At first, I was all for getting more time away from school. Two week long spring break? Nice! But then, as rules became more strict and school was going to have to happen online for the rest of the year, I realized I actually miss going into class.

I am a kinesthetic and visual learner, so I feel as though physically going to class helps me learn and keeps me disciplined in my studies. Now that I cannot do that, it is hard.

I am convinced that doing nothing throughout the day makes us even more lazy. At least, that phenomenon is happening in my life right now.

It is hard to get motivated and stay motivated enough to do homework and attend Zoom class.

Luckily, the professors that I have are very encouraging and understanding.

Since there already is more pressure to keep up with my classes, knowing that my professors are supportive takes a bit of unneeded stress away.

While on the topic of supportive professors, I just wanted to share with everyone how sweet Professor Sonja Bontrager is. She and I have spoken after class via Zoom a couple of times, and regardless of how much stress I know this new way of teaching has put on her, it is obvious she still greatly cares about the well-being of her students. Those conversations that we have never feel like they are between my professor and me but rather between two friends trying to catch up.

Here is to everyone who is struggling with online learning. We will get through this. There is only about a month left of school, anyway. Finish strong, and know that you are not alone.

Courtesy Photo provided by UnSplash