Five shows to binge while you're social distancing

By Katie Smith, A&E Editor

We are going on one full month of being out of physical school and it would appear that this quarantine isn’t going away anytime soon. For those who have been trying to binge watch TV but aren’t sure which show to watch anymore, here are five of the top recommended binge-worthy shows from Newman students.

“The Ranch” - Netflix

“The Ranch” is a personal favorite of mine. Ashton Kutcher stars the show as Colt Bennett, a mediocre, can’t-do-anything-right character that quickly wins the hearts of the audience. This sitcom takes you on an emotional rollercoaster, experiencing all the highs and lows of the life of a rancher in Colorado. It’s great for those who need a good laugh and who want to become emotionally invested in their binge.

“I enjoy the interesting plot of guys on the ranch and the very lively personalities of the actors,” said sophomore Luke Meyerhoff.

“Containment” - Netflix

I just started watching “Containment” this week and it has such a crazy plot. This show is about a virus that takes over a part of Atlanta, where the CDC and city are forced to quarantine the 4,000 residents who happened to be caught in that unlucky block. The virus has a mortality rate of 100% and is transferred through fluids of those infected. If you want to watch something that is similar to the situation we are currently going through, I would highly recommend it.

“Brooklyn Nine-Nine” - Hulu

“Brooklyn Nine-Nine” is truly a slept on show. The characters are goofy and the plot is just what you would want out of a comedy. There’s the carefree, extremely likable main detective, Jake Peralta, who seems to always be looking for trouble or messing around. More than half the time, however, Peralta saves the day with Detective Amy Santiago on his trail. Definitely recommended for anyone who has watched and enjoyed “Psych,” “Chuck,” or “The Good Place.”

Junior Jordan Ojile is one of many Newman students who has taken a liking to “Brooklyn Nine-Nine.”

“It’s a hilarious TV show with a very diverse cast of likable characters with relatable problems and amazing relationships,” Ojile said. “... Good for casual watching while I study or watching with friends.”

“The Handmaid’s Tale” - Hulu

This is one of the shows I’ve yet to watch but when it first came out I remember hearing a bunch of hype around it. The more memes I see and people telling me to watch this, the more I consider adding this to my binge list. Maybe I’ll start it after “Containment” is over. The Handmaid’s Tale is about a dystopian society after a second American Civil War where fertile women are turned into child-bearing slaves or “Handmaids.” Most of the story revolves around the main character June Osborne’s desire to reunite with her husband and daughter like in “the time before.”

“90 Day Fiance” - Hulu

“90 Day Fiance” is the show for anyone who enjoys other people's drama and shows like “Love Island” or “The Bachelor.” With more than 80 episodes available at the click of a button, this is a great option for drama lovers. Most of these stories involve people meeting online or on international vacations. They fall in “love,” and then attempt to bring their lovers to the United States.

It can be sad to watch, however, when you see certain couples where one person is really into the relationship and the other person appears to just be using them. That’s just reality TV though: We never truly know what’s going on in these people’s lives, but it’s fun to make assumptions.

Courtesy photo, The CW