Residence Life Director accepts new job at Newman

By Courtney Klaus, Editor-In-Chief

Director of Resident Life Scott Mudloff has recently accepted a new job at Newman as the academic advisor for special populations.

“I’m excited for this opportunity,” Mudloff said, “I can progress my career and my skills and still stay here at Newman, so I'm excited about that.”

Mudloff has already begun transitioning into the academic advisor position formerly held by Ami Alvidrez, who left Newman in February to accept a job at Wichita State University.

As part of his new job, Mudloff will be working one-on-one with students who are considered part of a special population, which includes students who are undecided on their major, or are on academic probation.

Mudloff said he will continue with his duties as director of residence life until the end of May but will complete his transition and move out of his current office and on-campus house by the summer.

After four years of serving as director of residence life, Mudloff said, he decided to switch jobs because he believes seeing the academic side of the university will help him diversify his job experience and assist in his future career goals. He said he hopes to be a dean of students someday.

“For me personally, it’s a logical step in my professional growth. My viewpoint has always been to have as much experience and familiarity with as many areas as possible,” he said.

That does not mean he will not miss his old job, he said, as some of his fondest memories came from teaching the resident assistants during summer training and from the thrill of freshman move-in day.

“I also loved interacting with as many students as I can throughout the day,” Mudloff said. “....But, I’ll admit, I’ve spent the past 10 years in jobs that require me to have two cell phones. I’m excited to only carry one going forward.”

In the meantime, Mudloff said he has been training up Graduate Assistant for Residence Life Turner Middendorf on some new things so that the transition between directors over the summer is a bit easier.

Middendorf said he’s been preparing to take on a larger role in RA training and has been putting together the housing roster for next year.

“I’ll definitely miss having Scott as a boss,” Middendorf said. “He’s been pretty much the best first boss that somebody could ask for.”

The university will be looking for someone to fill the job of director of Residence Life, but the position has not yet been opened up for applicants at this time.

Courtesy Photo, University Advancement