Security Director keeps students entertained and engaged online

By Hope Eckley, Staff Writer

As Newman Students have had to cope with the changes caused by the coronavirus pandemic, Security Director Morris Floyd has continued to provide a little bit of fun and joy for students.

Floyd, who is still on campus, created a website he fills with uplifting posts and other things to help students.

The website contains inspirational quotes, musings, The Casper Chronicles, which is about the hauntings in Sacred Heart Hall, and a For Real page, which contains true stories. Each section has different content that matches the title. Some are lighthearted and others are a little more meaningful.

Along with the new website, Floyd has also decided to do a Virtual Rex social distancing game. Floyd places the Rex in different places on campus and the students can win awards if they guess where the toy dinosaur is located.

“I started doing the website and V-Rex game for a variety of reasons,” Floyd said. “First, because of how fast everything had happened and the stress I know it had to have caused for student athletes to suddenly be moving out of their dorms and moving back home, plus the whole distance learning thing.

“Second because I thought it would be nice if they had not only a fun distraction from the chaos, but something to look forward to. And third, my desire to not have the students lose touch with the campus.”

Floyd has used the website to help him stay connected with the students. Around 80 students have participated in Floyd’s games each week.

“I truly miss everyone,” Floyd said. “The students are the life force of this campus. The students are the heartbeat of this campus. The students are Newman. I have tried to make the students my priority since I started here in January 2015, and they will remain my priority even if they are having to do distance learning.”

The V-Rex game will be available through the first week of May. The website will be up all summer for students.

“Mo has done a great job looking after us during this time. The activities help keep me busy with fun things, like the scavenger hunt,” winner of this weeks scavenger hunt, Ivan Balavage.

Here is the link for the website: