A fond farewell to Newman University

By Katie Smith, A&E Editor

It seems like just yesterday I was getting lost finding my way into The Vantage meetings, bright eyed, and carrying a polka dotted legal portfolio in true reporter fashion. I remember my very first story about the Somes sisters, feeling super nervous to conduct an interview, and then rushing to complete my stories by the deadline.

Now I’m sitting here in our final Vantage meeting, trying to put the words together to somehow commemorate my three years here. For those who don’t know, I am expecting… to leave the halls of Newman forever and miss it a little more than I anticipated.

The world beyond the walls of school is confusing and full of uncertainty, especially with the current situation we are living through. Will I be able to find a job? Am I going to find myself stuck in the same job, working away the rest of my life in a restaurant? Do I actually understand everything I learned during my time here or was I simply faking it?

I am thankful that Vantage editor Courtney Klaus approached me at the end of my freshman year asking if I wanted to be the Arts and Entertainment editor for the next two years. Because of this, I had the opportunity to spend many late nights up in the Mac lab creating memories and friendships. In my time at Newman, I never felt like I made too many friends. It was always more acquaintances. But my Vantage friends have truly impacted my experience.

Once my sophomore year came around, I finally wanted to be involved in everything I could. I felt more confident in my ideas and with expressing myself around people. I started to care less. I joined the Campus Activities Board as an event planner and went crazy sharing my ideas with my peers. I became increasingly confident in my writing and editing abilities and was able to be open in the meetings.

At semester, my two best friends withdrew from their courses at Newman and went to find their places in the world. I felt lonely. My other friend, Andie, would be graduating that May, leaving me with no super close friends on campus.

Starting senior year, I was nervous that I wouldn’t enjoy the year without my best friends at school with me. The further into the year we got, I could tell that assumption was wrong. I felt a part of my previous years missing, but I was able to give myself to those around me and create meaningful friendships with members of my bowling team, CAB and The Vantage. I collaborated on classwork with other like-minded individuals and felt a sense of belonging with those around me.

I’ve fostered a meaningful relationship with my adviser, Wendy Sahatjian, which I will forever be thankful for. She has constantly encouraged and reassured me that I am doing great and can do anything that comes my way.

Working alongside Denise Neil, The Vantage adviser, has definitely been a blast that I will never be able to forget. She is so in love with what she does, and she has a fun way of bringing it into the classroom. I will always be glad she welcomed me into her classroom and helped me polish my writing skills.

I could never forget good ol’ Billy Murphy, my bowling coach. Billy took the time to get to know each of his students on a personal level. He truly cares about our formation into good members of society. He helped me secure my internship last year and loves to joke with me about the million and one things I am involved with. Coach Murphy will forever be one of my favorite people that this journey has introduced me to. Don’t be a stranger.