I have mixed feelings about the to-go boxes

By Murphy Obershaw, A&E Editor

Newman switched to reusable to-go boxes a couple of weeks ago, and while I am glad that we are helping save the planet, the transition to using these boxes has not been smooth.

When I first heard about SGA’s plan for the cafeteria to switch to reusable containers, I didn’t think it was going to work.

My original objections to the switch centered around needing to wash the containers. I thought we had to wash them ourselves, which I would not have time to do in my busy schedule. Besides, doing dishes in the dorms can back up the drains.

However, the cafeteria workers explained when they handed out the to-go boxes that we can bring the dirty boxes back when we come in for our next meal, deposit them in a tub, pick up a clean box, and repeat the cycle for the next meal.

I am glad that that is how the system works, but after using the to-go boxes for a couple of weeks, I have noticed that there are still some drawbacks.

The biggest one: Figuring out what to do with the container in between meals.

I can’t put it in my backpack because there is too much stuff in there, and I don’t want to crush and break the box. I can’t carry it around with me all day because it smells like rotting food after a few hours.

I can’t keep it in my dorm or office because that would require me to run from wherever I am to wherever my box is so I can get food. I have already missed a meal because I could not get to my box and then to the cafeteria in time. If I didn’t have to retrieve the box, I would have made it to the cafeteria on time.

Implementing the reusable to-go boxes is a good idea that cuts down on the amount of waste that we have from our meals. However, we still have plastic silverware, and some sides and desserts come in plastic containers.

This solution doesn’t completely eliminate our waste, and it is weird trying to figure out what to do with the container in between meals, but I still think it was a good move. I don’t know if there is a good solution to the problem of where to keep the box in between meals, but I wish there was one.

PHOTO: Murphy Obershaw, A&E Editor