We should get in the holiday spirit

By Ty Wilson, Staff Writer

There are many holidays that are celebrated every day all across the world, the most well-known being Christmas, New Years and Easter. But what about the forgotten holidays that aren’t regularly celebrated, such as Leif Erikson Day, Groundhog Day and the infamous April Fools’ Day? It’s in my opinion that all holidays were created equal, and a prank pulled on Aprils Fools’ Day should be the equivalent to giving a gift on Christmas.

So why isn’t April Fools’ Day celebrated as much as even ridiculous holidays like Arbor Day or Flag Day? As I’ve learned from some of my peers, they just don’t find the point in it. It’s clear to me that those peers have no heart and are dead inside. How could you not see the point in a full day dedicated to pulling pranks on your friends and family? I for one am a supporter of this fabulous day of mischievous activity.

I can remember back to being a little boy, pouring maple syrup on the floor of my family kitchen, hoping to catch someone in my hilarious trap. Unfortunately, the prank did not end up well for me when my dad stepped on the syrup while he was wearing only socks. The only thing taking my mind off the pain of my freshly spanked rear-end was the thought of how the prank could have gone better. It’s the true mark of the obsessed artist: never being satisfied with their work.

What some would say is the problem with April Fools is the idea of practical humor at the expense of someone else’s humility. While I could see this argument holding water, there are ways to combat the unexpected angry prank victim. For example, if you plan to prank someone by dumping water on their head, the least you could do is have a towel handy. This sentiment really shows your care and admiration for the friendship. It also preserves the friendship and offers more opportunities for pranks in the future.

Now with April Fools’ Day here, it is time I devise a plan to prank whomever I see fit. It is around this time of year I try to think what Loki the Norse God of Mischief would do which is what we should all be thinking. This is the day to release your inner child and have some safe, harmless fun with your friends. There is nothing like watching a prank land perfectly and getting the perfect reaction from your pals. To anyone that finds this holiday to be completely immature and pointless, I have only three words for you: To quote the timeless cartoon character Bart Simpson, “Eat My Shorts.”

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