The Ty-Rade: Why I am protesting masking up

By: Ty Wilson, Staff Writer

It feels like the deathgrip of COVID-19 is loosening on the world. People are going back out and enjoying life again, thanks to vaccines becoming readily available to anyone who wants them. While there are plenty of businesses that still require masks to be worn, I’m beginning to see a trend locally of people not wearing masks and facing no consequences.

That trend has also found its way into the classrooms of Newman University.

While I have only four classes on campus this semester, I have noticed that, despite Newman’s masking requirement, students really aren’t. In one of my classes, over half the people are not wearing masks or any kind of face shield. And since there has not been any kind of reinforcement from the staff, I have decided to not wear a mask unless instructed by a professor.

As a vaccinated student, I feel like it is unfair for me to have to wear a mask if other students are not being punished for demasking.

I understand that once Newman reaches the point where 75% of the campus is vaccinated, mask guidelines will be reevaluated. Currently we are around 68% vaccinated. So why are students who are already vaccinated still required to mask? It all seems pointless to take the shot and still have to wear a mask in class.

The lack of enforcement on campus has only strengthened my position on masking in class. It either needs to be all out masks or nothing at all. Could there be a protocol where unvaccinated students need to take remote classes until they’ve taken the shot?

It’s all very confusing, and there are a lot of unanswered questions that are complicating the rules of COVID-19 at Newman. The only thing I know for certain is that I will not be wearing a piece of cloth around my face until I see some changes.

PHOTO: Courtesy Photo, Unsplash