Newman sets goals for this year's annual Giving Day fundraiser

By: Alexis Stallard, Online Editor

Newman’s annual Giving Day fundraiser, a 24-hour fundraiser that has multiple funds that people can donate to, is happening on Tuesday and will include on-campus activities like food and games.

The main area for activities will be the foyer in Eck from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. Any student who donates money gets to play games and has a chance to win prizes, and food will also be available. The prizes will mainly be NU apparel, gift cards for local restaurants, and one grand prize for a student.

There will also be livestreams and other content posted across all Newman social media throughout the day celebrating the event.

Laura Hartley, Newman’s Director of Annual Giving, said that Newman is hoping for 250 donations this year.

“Last year we had just over 150 donors, so we know adding 100 more is lofty, but with everyone's help, I know we can do it,” Hartley said.

The Sisters of the Adorers of the Blood of Christ have pledged to match $15,000 this year. Giving Day allows donors to pick which area of campus they want their donation to go to.

Campus Ministry has also set its own donation goal for the event. If their fund receives $1,000 in donations, Fr. Adam Grelinger has agreed to dress up as St. Henry Newman and walk around campus for a day, old man makeup included.

Emily Simon, assistant director of Campus Ministry, said their donations will go towards reestablishing the Catholic living community, Metanoia, on campus.

“Students living on this floor follow a Rule of Life and intentionally build community with one another,” Simon said in an email.

The living community slowly faded a few years ago, which is why Campus Ministry is determined to rebuild it.

She said that these donations would offer an immense advantage to Campus Ministry since it means they could start a new project without having to readjust their set budget for the year.

“So it’s a huge benefit to us and, I’m sure, other departments,” Simon said.

Hartley said that the donations can be seen in effect almost immediately after Giving Day once departments receive their donations.

Students can find posters all around campus with a QR code to scan to donate directly on the website.

PHOTO: Courtesy Photo, Unsplash