The Ty-Rade: My cure for curbing 'senioritis'

By: Ty Wilson, Staff Writer

As the school year is starting to wind down, you may find yourself losing motivation to go to class. All of a sudden, getting up at 9 a.m.for class feels as daunting as waking up to tend crops on your thousand-acre farm.

And even if you muster up enough energy to get out of bed, there's a good chance you'll be met with the arctic wind of a March morning. Your car is practically an icebox, cold enough to hang meat in by the time you start it up. All of these things add up to loss of motivation and a searing hatred for mornings.

Although all students have to endure the back half of a school year, it’s the seniors who truly suffer. We’ve been hard at work since we were 6 years old, and the light at the end of the tunnel is starting to shine. The problem is that college has kneecapped us worse than Al Capone ever could, making this more of a crawl to the end of the tunnel.

It's the little things that are keeping my spirits high in these dreary times, like soaring gas prices and the ongoing conflict in Ukraine. Every day I wake up and think about how lucky I am to not live in Kiev and that I have to graduate so I can afford to pump fossil fuels into my non eco-friendly car. Without these little wonders, I’m not sure if I would be able to finish the year.

For any other seniors out there struggling to keep fighting the good fight, I suggest finding some sort of hobby to occupy time that you're not spending breaking your back in class. For you ladies, I suggest taking up knitting or any kind of patchwork. This is great for making scarves, sweaters, gloves and even socks. You’ll want to master this as soon as possible, just in case inflation keeps raising the price of decent underwear.

As for the men reading this, I would recommend bowling as a way to let off steam and kill some time. It’s easy and affordable, and you're allowed to pound nachos and Coors Light while doing it. There are only 10 pins on the lane, but if you start to see more than that, you're doing it right. Just make sure you call an Uber so you get home safe. Or don’t. Remember: You're the master of your own life.

Whether your niche is sewing or getting violently drunk at a bowling alley, just know you've earned that cap and gown. So saddle up seniors. We’ve got six weeks left of school left, then that’s it, for the rest of your lives. Let's make it memorable.

Photo: Courtesy Photo, Unsplash