Newman SAAC hosts annual Jetspys athletic awards ceremony

By: Alexis Stallard, Online Editor

Newman’s annual athletic banquet The Jetspys is set for Tuesday evening, when 25 different awards will be given out to teams and individuals.

The event is meant to honor and recognize student-athletes and teams who have had outstanding achievements throughout their seasons. The most coveted awards have titles like Athlete of the Year (male and female) and Mr. and Ms. Jet. Twenty-one individual awards are up for grabs this year, and more than 80 individuals are nominated for those awards.

“Nominees come from the student athletes, and voting is done completely by student athletes,” said Maureen Rohleder, assistant athletic director. “It may not be a totally scientific formula, but more of a people’s choice.”

The Student Athlete Advisory Committee puts the event together each year.

While the ceremony was put on in person last year, this will be the first year since the start of the pandemic that it will be held without social distancing mandates, Rohleder said.

“It will be nice not to be masked and not worry so much about spreading tables and people out,” Rohleder said.

The event is open to student athletes, athletic managers, graduate assistants, coaches, administrators, and any nominees from outside the athletic department.

The full list of nominees and awards for the 2021-2022 Jetspys can be found on our website,

The nominees for the 2021-2022 Jetspys:

Athlete of the Year - Female

  • Felisa Sjulga, women’s golf
  • Morgan Cooper, women’s bowling
  • Riley Daughtery, volleyball
  • Maria Stephens, women’s soccer

Athlete of the Year - Male

  • Israel Barnes, men’s basketball
  • Asher Brown, men’s cross country
  • Jace Fisher, wrestling
  • Tyler Push, baseball
  • Joao Moreira, men’s soccer

Breakthrough Athlete

  • Natalie Morales, volleyball
  • Jarrod Nowak, men’s tennis
  • Ani Zeikidze, women’s tennis
  • Torri Vang, women’s basketball

Comeback Athlete

  • Lincoln Choate, baseball
  • Megan Walz, softball
  • Garrett Lange, wrestling
  • Gustavo Gil, men’s tennis

Game of the Year - Team

  • Softball vs. Rockhurst
  • Women’s bowling at Lion Classic
  • Wrestling vs. FHSU
  • Women’s tennis vs. DBU
  • Baseball vs. RSU

Performance of the Year

  • James McIver, men’s bowling (290 game)
  • Morgan Cooper, women’s bowling (289 game)
  • Hayden Vandepol, baseball (diving play)
  • Luke Mills, men’s soccer (free kick vs. FHSU)
  • Amber Hands, women’s tennis (clinch vs. Maryville)

Best of the Best - Women’s Team

  • Women’s golf
  • Cheer & dance
  • Women’s tennis

Best of the Best - Men’s Team

  • Men’s bowling
  • Baseball
  • Wrestling

360 Turnaround - Team

  • Volleyball
  • Baseball
  • Women’s golf
  • Softball

Special OPS - Outside Athletics

  • Dr. Wendy Sahatjian
  • Officer Mo Floyd
  • Dr. Larry Straub
  • Dr. Kelly McFall
  • Mr. Richard Rico

Ms. Jet

  • Felisa Sajulga, women’s golf
  • Rebecca Hageman, volleyball
  • Lauren Esfeld, women’s tennis
  • Julia Myers, women’s triathlon

Mr. Jet

  • Hayden Vandepol, baseball
  • Ian Lecki, baseball
  • David Javorsky, men’s basketball
  • Steven Nguyen, men’s triathlon

Ghost Rider

  • Elise Helfrich, women’s cross country
  • Chase Weibe, men’s basketball
  • Torri Vang, women’s basketball
  • Frank Reyes, men’s tennis
  • Natalie Morales, volleyball

Community Outreach - Team

  • Women’s soccer
  • Cheer & dance

Top Gun - Male

  • Justin Looper, men’s golf
  • Connor Langrell, baseball
  • DeAndre Johnson, men’s basketball
  • Alex Ultreras, men’s cross country
  • Steven Nguyen, men’s triathlon

Top Gun - Female

  • Jada Key, volleyball
  • Makayla Hayes, women’s basketball
  • Jackie Lari, women’s soccer
  • Mirella Cavalcanti, women’s tennis

Supporting Role in Athletics

  • Kayleigh Roberts, athletic training
  • Noah Rogers, athletic training
  • Zach Brake, Assistant AD/SID
  • Lucas Norbiato, men’s tennis volunteer
  • Victor Olorunfemi, men’s soccer assistant

Wingman - Male

  • Zach Boh, men’s bowling
  • Ian Lecki, baseball
  • Naoya Fukomoto, men’s tennis

Wingman - Female

  • Liz Borgeldt, volleyball
  • Lauren Esfeld, women’s tennis
  • Mckenna Anderson, women’s basketball

Maverick Award - Female

  • Beth Griffiths, women’s golf
  • Imani Jones, volleyball
  • Addy Schiffelbein, women’s bowling
  • Alondra Torres, cheer & dance
  • Makenna Schmal, women’s soccer

Maverick Award - Male

  • Tyler Push, baseball
  • Cole Thompson, men’s soccer
  • Kameron Frame, wrestling
  • Luca Penteado, men’s tennis

Rookie of the Year - Female

  • Felisa Sajulga, women’s golf
  • Riley Daughtery, volleyball
  • Gianna Navarro, softball
  • Maggie Koenig, women’s cross country
  • Dana Issaveva, women’s tennis

Rookie of the Year - Male

  • Silas Limes, men’s bowling
  • Asher Brown, men’s cross country
  • Stevie Strong, men’s basketball
  • Jace Fisher, wrestling
  • Ali Mounir, men’s tennis

Game Changer (transfer) - Female

  • Carissa Beck, women’s basketball
  • Bryasia Allen, cheer & dance
  • Abby Borough, volleyball
  • Divya Murali, women’s tennis

Game Changer (transfer) - Male

  • Israel Barnes, men’s basketball
  • Zach Stewart, baseball
  • Garrett VanDeventer, baseball
  • Pedja Kolaric, men’s tennis

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