Football's main event is decided: It's Chiefs vs. Eagles

By: Matthew Revels, Sports Editor

This year’s Super Bowl matchup is set, and on Feb. 12, the AFC’s Kansas City Chiefs will take on the NFC’s Philadelphia Eagles. As of Tuesday, the Eagles are projected to win at -130 odds as 2.0 point favorites. Led by quarterback Jalen Hurts, receiver A.J Brown and center Jason Kelce, the Eagles no doubt hope to prove oddsmakers correct. The Chiefs are led by quarterback Patrick Mahomes, receiver JuJu Smith-Schuster and tight end Travis Kelce.

Newman students who are also sports fans say they are looking forward to the big matchup, which marks the third time the Chiefs have played in the Super Bowl since 2020. Many fans are also excited for the Kelce brothers to hit the field as the first brothers to ever play against eachother in a Super Bowl.

One of the biggest downfalls for the Chiefs is the high ankle sprain that star quarterback Mahomes suffered in the divisional round against the Jacksonville Jaguars. But sophomore and avid Chiefs fan Thomas Ford said he has no fear that Mahomes will perform for the big game.

“I think Patrick will show that dawg he got in him and will ball out despite his ankle sprain. My prediction is 38-31 Chiefs on top. Mahomes will have five touchdowns,” Ford said.

Since Wichita isn’t far from the Red Kingdom in Kansas City, it’s home to many passionate Chiefs fans. Sophomore and Chiefs supporter Jack Kiser said he thinks that the Chiefs look strong going into the Super Bowl but that there's one aspect of the Eagles’ offense that he is nervous about.

“If we can limit the Eagles’ run game, I think Mahomes will put up enough points to get the job done,” Kiser said.

While some Newman students look forward to the game, others look forward to the commercials and halftime show. This year, Rihanna is performing. The commercials are also one of the biggest pulls for non football fan viewers. This year, 30 seconds of air time costs over $7 million.

The Super Bowl also inspires many people to get together and watch the big game at home. Sophomore Colby Wilson has two ideas for how he will watch the game.

“Last year we were on the charter bus coming back from a game,” Wilson said. “If we are on the bus again, I will watch the game there. However, if not, my roommates and I will order wings and watch the game in our dorm room.”

PHOTO: Courtesy Photo, Kansas City Chiefs Twitter