Student Government fills new public relations position

By: Alexis Stalld, Editor-In-Chief

Newman Student Government Association president Ian Lecki wants students to have a better idea about what SGA is up to, and that starts with a strong social media presence, he said.

Soon, SGA will have a bigger social media profile thanks to the creation of a new position: Public Relations Chair. The job will be filled by senior Lauren Esfeld.

SGA approved the addition of the position in early February, Lecki said.

In fact, its creation was one of Lecki’s goals when he was elected president last fall.

Lecki said there’s been an obvious difference between the SGA social media accounts and the social media accounts of other clubs on the Newman campus.

“The Student Government should have a major presence since SGA is the voice of the student body, and getting ourselves out there opens up doors for students to understand what is going on in our meetings, what projects are in the works, and what is still in discussion,” Lecki said.

Lecki has been lobbying for the position to be created since the fall, but he said that some senators expressed concerns, causing the Constitution Committee to take more time on the final proposal. Some of those concerns were about the necessity of the position and if it would be acceptable to change the SGA constitution to allow for the position.

“Whenever you are looking to alter the constitution or add or drop bylaws, it is not going to be a quick process,” Lecki said.

While the process of creating the position took some time, Lecki said, it likely won’t take long for the social media revamp to get started. SGA voted on Tuesday to hire Esfeld, who also is the president of Newman’s Student-Athlete Advisory Committee and manages most of their social media. Lecki had her in mind when he proposed the new position.

“I am very honored and excited to have been voted into the new Public Relations Chair for Newman’s Student Government Association for the remainder of this year,” Esfeld said.

Lecki said that SGA wants students to know that they are always willing to hear their concerns, and he encourages them to visit the SGA offices in the Fugate Student Center or speak with the new dean of students, Dr. Andi Giesen.

PHOTO: Courtesy Photo, Unsplash