Student making most of semester in Europe

By: Alexis Stallard, Editor-In-Chief

Many college students travel away from home to attend school. Some go within a few-hours driving distance, while others may take the simple route and attend the college closest to home. This semester, though, sophomore Emily Pachta decided to go to school a whole ocean away.

For those unfamiliar with Newman’s study abroad program: The university partners with its sister university in Birmingham, England, and invites students to apply to spend either one semester or a whole academic year studying there.

Pachta chose to study abroad for just one semester but has been making the most of her time. While overseas, she has started a blog that is published in Newman Today, the university’s online newsletter, and she frequently shares pictures of her academic adventures on her Instagram.

“After talking to many college graduates, especially my sister, I realized there wouldn’t be another time in my life when I can go abroad for six months and still continue forward with my goals,” Pachta said.

Pachta said that while she has been loving her experience, it isn’t the easiest. Her workload can be much heavier, but her class schedule tends to allow for more freedom, Pachta said. Her psychology classes have two large projects due at the end of the year, both consisting of 50% of her grade, rather than traditional homework throughout the semester.

While making time for her new learning format, Pachta has been able to travel to plenty of places during her downtime.

“Last week, we didn’t have class, so I was able to go to Edinburgh, Scotland, and it was so fun,” Pachta said.

Pachta plans on staying in Europe past the semester’s end in May to do a bit more traveling before returning to the States. She said that the whole experience has been a great character-builder and that she is excited to see more of Europe.

“Although England seems similar to the United States, there are lots of differences, and if you decide to study abroad, be ready for a culture shock,” Pachta said.

Any students interested in the study abroad program can check the Newman website for more information and applications. Pachta said that students with more questions about the program or her experience can email her at, check out her blog in the Newman Today, or follow her on Instagram: @emily.pach

PHOTO: Courtesy Photo, Emily Pachta