Help wanted: Several student leadership positions open

By: Reiley Bartel, Online Editor

Interested in getting more involved in life at Newman? The time is now.

Not only is Newman President Kathleen Jagger looking for several students to fill seats on her Student Cabinet, but the Student Government Association is also looking for new students to be on the board.

The President’s Student Cabinet, which was launched in spring of 2021, was started by Jagger shortly after she took over the job. It includes 13 students who meet once a month with Jagger, usually for dinner, and offer her their input on various topics related to the university.

Current member of the Student Cabinet, Senior Michelle Tong, said that being a part of the group gives students the opportunity to advocate for themselves as well as for the communities they are a part of on campus.

“I was a part of the inaugural Student Cabinet, beginning in my second year at Newman, and have enjoyed getting to know students from other areas of campus,” Tong said. “It has given some of our own communities/clubs the opportunity to collaborate with each other for events on campus that we may have not done before without the cabinet.”

Though the position does not come with pay or a scholarship, Tong said she believes it’s worth any students’ while.

“I would totally recommend anyone to join the cabinet,” she said. “Get to know Dr. Jagger and student leaders from other areas on campus and other majors,” she said. It gives you insight into some of the behind-the-scenes at Newman — plus, free dinner.”

Those interested in joining the the President’s Student Cabinet can find applications at They also can contact President Jaggers office, or get in touch with any current member like Michelle Tong. Applications are due by March 31. Members must be enrolled in coursework and in good academic standing.

SGA looking for candidates ALEXIS: MAKE thiS A SUBHEAD

Meanwhile, Newman University’s Student Government Association also is looking for new senators, who must be elected to serve. Students can pick up “intent to run” forms from the Student Life Office or download them from SGA’s social media sites starting March 27. The forms are due back to Dr. Andi Giessen in the Student Life Office by noon on April 7. The elections will be on April 19th.

Currently, there are 14 senators but SGA is not limiting the number of senators at this time.

Senior Laurn Esfeld, who is the public relations chair for SGA, said that those who are elected to the Senate will receive a $25 scholarship, which increases if members are eventually elected to the executive team or some other leadership position.

Senators are required to attend a weekly meeting and serve on one or two committees. They’ll also learn to write bills.

But serving on SGA is not just about attending meetings, Esfeld said. It’s more about effecting change.

“I personally think that the best part about being SGA is getting to interact with all of the senators that were elected because we are all from different parts of campus and bring so many new ideas and issues that we want to solve to the table,” Esfeld said.

PHOTO: Courtesy photo, Unsplash