Two students had car windows broken Saturday night

By: Alexis Stallard, Editor-In-Chief

Two students parked in the Carrocci Hall overflow parking lot had their car windows smashed in on Sunday night, said director of security Morris Floyd. No suspects have been identified.

Students Ian Lecki, senior, and Cole Housh, senior, woke up Monday morning, they said, and found that the windows on their cars had been smashed but that no items had been stolen.

“Cole and I have spoken, and it’s upsetting, but being angry isn’t going to fix what happened,” Lecki said.

Lecki and Housh say they both plan to press charges if a suspect is found. Lecki said he was disappointed about the incident but thankful for all of Floyd’s efforts.

“Campus security does a great job of patrolling campus, but they can’t cover all areas all the time,” Lecki said.

Lecki, the Student Government Association president, is currently working on a project to update the security cameras across campus to prevent instances like these from happening – or at least to give the police a better chance of catching the suspect.

Floyd said that the incident was captured on security cameras and that he was in the process of investigating, but that the camera footage had not been able to help him identify anyone at this time.

“My biggest piece of advice is to not leave anything valuable inside of their vehicles when they are parked on campus,” Floyd said.

PHOTO: Courtsey Photo, Ian Lecki