Newman's newest podcast is called 'The Newman Bond'

By: Reiley Bartel, Online Editor

Podcasts are popular, and now Newman has a new one designed to highlight members of the Newman community and let them share their stories and knowledge.

“Newman Bond” was started by James Sanny, Newman’s Video and Communications Specialist, who has been on staff since November of 2019. He was also a non-traditional student at Newman from 2014 to 2015 and graduated with a degree in Interdisciplinary Studies.

The podcast has been a longtime goal of University Relations Director Clark Schafer, Sanny said.

“...He knew this would be a great tool that could help not only tell our story but also create content for the department to share with those already connected to the university, like alumni, and those considering a future here, like students,” Sanny said. “When I started in 2019, he mentioned the idea to me and asked that I begin conceptualizing a theme/direction for the podcast.”

Sanny’s job was to figure out which guests would be invited to be on the podcast and to determine how to record and distribute it.

“We began around October of last year and launched during Heritage Month this year,” he said.

So far, six episodes have been produced.

The purpose of the podcast is to tell the stories of people in the Newman community, both past and present, and to share their experiences, advice and more. One podcast included a conversation with Newman sports photographer Richard Rico. Another featured Christy Cunningham Railsback, an adjunct professor and costume designer who works with the theater department. The conversations are hosted by different members of the Newman community, and so far, hosts have included professor Kelly McFall and Laura Hartley, director of annual giving.

“The podcast itself shares the stories of those involved in the Newman community — students, staff, faculty, alumni, volunteers — so every episode is a bit different, with the connection being the bond between that person and the Newman community,” Sanny said.

New podcasts come out on the first and third Tuesday of each month. You can find them by going to the Newman website and searching for “Newman Bond.”

Sanny also said he also is interested in having students help out with the podcast.“We would love to have students on the podcast — especially those interested in journalism looking for an opportunity to interview and converse with members of the Newman community,” he said.

Photo: Courtesy Photo, University Relations