Student body president: I am here to help students, so just ask

By: Alondra Valle, Guest Writer

My name is Alondra Valle, and I have the honor of serving as your student body president this 2023-2024 school year. A little bit about me: I am a junior who is majoring in social work and minoring in business. I plan to also get my Masters of Social Work after I finish my undergrad degree. I do a few things here on campus. I am the treasurer for MCLO (Multicultural Leadership Organization), the vice president for HALO (Hispanic American Leadership Organization), and I have an on-campus job in our admissions office as an Admissions Counselor Intern.

This school year, one of my goals is to make our Student Government Association more involved throughout campus. How I hope to accomplish this is by having senators of SGA volunteer to go to events and provide feedback to our senate. I also hope to expand our senate by adding new division chairs. The intention behind this is for our SGA to be more in the know about what is going on around campus, not just when it comes to clubs and organizations but also what different academic fields are doing. For example, our Science and Math chair can keep us updated on what is happening in those fields throughout the school year. Along with that, I want clubs to be held a little more accountable throughout the year by having them update SGA and give us event reports.

Although I hope to accomplish a lot this year, none of it will be possible without the wonderful executive board. Senior Nathan Huie serves as the vice president, senior Elise Helfrich serves as the secretary, and junior Matthew Revels serves as the treasurer. We all have different ways of thinking along with different strengths, which will take us far. I also cannot forget about the amazing advisor we have working with SGA: Dr. Andi Giesen. While school has just started, Dr. Gisen has shown us she is ready to help us out with whatever we need.

Lastly, if there is anything I want this student body to know, it is that SGA is here to help you. We are here because of you and want to help clubs and students in general succeed. Please do not be afraid to ask the executive board, senators, and/or Dr. Giesen any questions you might have regarding how SGA works, how to do something for a club, how to write a bill, etc. We are here for you! Go Jets!

PHOTO: Courtesy photo, University Relations