The semester's first theater production opens next week

By: Victor Dixon, A&E Editor

Newman’s first theater production of the year is opening next Thursday, Oct. 5.

Written by Arthur Miller, “All My Sons” is a three-act drama that follows Joe Keller, played by freshman Daniel Graber, an aircraft parts manufacturer who knowingly sold defective aircraft parts during World War II. He was exonerated for his crimes while his partner Steve Deever was imprisoned. Deever’s daughter Ann, played by Freshman Alex Harter, was set to marry Keller’s youngest son Larry but he has been missing in action for three years. She begins a relationship with the eldest Keller son Chris, played by senior Hunter Bartholomew. The rest of the play focuses on the consequences of Joe’s actions and the secrets that all the characters have been keeping from each other.

“All My Sons” was Miller’s first successful play and enjoyed an 11-month-long run on Broadway. Newman’s theater director Mark Mannette has said that Miller was “probably one of the greatest playwrights of the 20th century.”

The cast features Newman students with varying degrees of experience, some who have performed on Newman’s stage for several years and some who will be doing so for the first time.

The play will run Oct. 5-8 in the Jabara Black Box Theater. Tickets can be bought online or at the door for $5 for students college-age and below and $12 for adults, seniors, military members and Newman faculty and staff. Tickets are free for Newman students.

PHOTO: Courtesy photo, Amy Emerson