Tennis aces the competition with an undefeated fall record

By: Matthew Revels, Sports Editor

Both the men’s and women’s tennis teams finished undefeated during the fall season with the men earning a 4-0 record and the women finishing 5-0. 

The teams hope to keep their undefeated records intact through the spring, said Shella Augspurger, who coaches both teams.

“Each of them needs to trust what they have done to get to this point, trust what we have planned for them, trust me and that we can see what’s in store for them if they get out of their comfort zone and take a chance,” Augspurger said.

She added that she is proud of both old and new players on this year’s team and that she doesn't see any one player that stands out. 

“Both teams are very solid. We do not have a big number one player yet, but we will have many athletes competing successfully for other spots. Hopefully, one will emerge to play the tough number one spot,” Augspurger said. 

Both new and returning players have been winning matches and Augspurger said she is pleasantly surprised at how good everyone is playing. 

“I am very happy with all the new players. They are all better than I thought when I recruited them,” she said. “The returners have all improved and worked hard over the summer as well.”

One unique thing about both teams is that the athletes are from all around the world, Augspurger said, and she is impressed with the way they have all come together not only on the court but also in the classroom. 

“Both of these teams have high GPAs, and they get along really well,” Augspurger said. “With a lot of the players being from all over the world, it's fun to see them learn to trust each other and accept each other as a team instead of just being out for themselves.” 

The teams will resume play in the spring when they will meet conference teams. The schedule has not yet been released. 

PHOTO: Courtesy photo, Newman Athletics