Wichita's new dirty soda shop isn't what I expected

By: Sydney Endicott, Photographer

Ordering the same old drinks from the same old places, in my opinion, gets really boring. 

So I recently decided to spice things up a little bit and went to the new “dirty soda” shop Just A Sip, which opened at 8520 W. 13th St. on Oct. 18. Dirty soda, for those who don’t know, features various carbonated beverages mixed with things like syrups and fresh fruits to make unique drinks.

During the first two days that the shop was open for business, Just a Sip offered free drinks to each carload, and it was packed from open to close. 

When I went and received my free drink, I waited almost an hour in this long line. I personally was really excited because I had stalked the menu and found many drinks that interested me.

I finally got my drink and stirred it up, because that’s what’s “recommended,” but it definitely wasn't my cup of Dr. Pepper. This drink included Dr. Pepper, cherry, and Italian cream, and after stirring it up, it looked like mud. I don't know if it was the color that lost my interest or the taste of the Italian cream, but I knew that it wasn't my drink.

During this visit my siblings also got to try a free drink. My younger siblings tried the kids Ocean Water and really enjoyed it. 

After a few days, once the excitement of the grand opening had died down, I went back and purchased a Coconut Dream, which consisted of Sprite, blue raspberry syrup, coconut and coconut cream. I personally didn’t love this one either, but it wasn’t as bad as the first one. 

After less than a week of being open for business, Just A Sip reported selling over 10,000 drinks. During the first week of business, it also ran out of 15 gallons of boba as well as many other items.

I think bringing a dirty soda shop to Wichita was a good way of inviting Wichitians to try something new, but I just didn’t really enjoy the two drinks I received. I will be back to try out different ones and see which ones I enjoy more.

PHOTO: Courtesy photo, Unsplash