Senators want to revive Newman Jet Gear store

By Matthew Fowler, A&E Editor

Two Newman University Student Government Association senators are working to bring a physical Jet gear merchandise store back to campus.

Kaylyn Disbrow, a junior, brought the idea up during an SGA senator’s meeting after receiving feedback from students who had missed the bookstore where Jet gear could be purchased. Prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, a physical bookstore filled with a large selection of Newman gear operated out of the Dugan library.

"If someone comes on a visit, they should be able to get some Newman gear,” Disbrow said. “That is all part of the visit experience. Athletic recruits, families, students, faculty and staff, and locals should all be able to show school spirit."

Gabriel Trevino, who had also received similar feedback, decided to team up with Disbrow. They began to work with Newman’s Director of Athletics, Joanna Pryor. She manages the online Jet Gear store, which became the only option for getting Jet-themed merchandise after the book store closed.

“This is such a famous topic when people get together and talk about the school,” Trevino said. “Kaylyn and I feel the same way about the bookstore and expressed our ideas about it and what we can at least do, or start, for the school.”

Additionally, Disbrow and Trevino hope to see the on-campus Jet gear store solve the more common issues with the online store and give the Newman community a more accessible outlet to find Newman merchandise.

“People want to try on items, feel the material, see the color, etc. before purchasing them,” Disbrow said. “I have hopes that this will increase school spirit across the charts and will help people feel more involved on campus.”

Disbrow and Trevino are still waiting on supplies, but they plan for the store to operate out of the Dugan Library with volunteer staff until a permanent location and funding can be attained.

Trevino said they’ll have to experiment with prices and setup to find what works best for the store.

 “I know a lot of people are looking forward to this. I ask for your support – students, staff, and faculty – so that this ship can get sailing,” she said. “We know that this will take some time, so ideas, suggestions, comments, or anything you think we need to hear, we are open ears.”

PHOTO: Courtesy Photo, Unsplash