Women’s basketball coach hopeful for strong season finish

By Matthew Revels, Sports Editor

The women's basketball team has dealt with hardships this season that have been reflected in its record. The team sits at 2-16 overall with a 1-11 conference record and has just 10 games remaining.

Head Coach Amy Briggs said she has high praise and hopes for the team as the season comes to a close.

The team is better than the record suggests, she said.

“We have grown a lot this season,” she said. “We have a very young team, and the improvement over the course of the season has been fun to see. I have been pleased with their work ethic and their ability to stick to the process of improvement.”

Of the 10 games remaining, five are at home, and Briggs said she hopes these home games will lead to a few wins. 

“We have some home games left,” she said. “We are looking forward to playing and working towards a win. We get to play teams a second time coming up, and we would like to improve from our first time playing those teams.”

She said she also hopes that the team members will become road warriors and win a few while traveling. 

“We also have some away games we would love to steal on the road,” Briggs said. “It is hard to win on the road in the conference, so if we are able to steal some road games, that would finish our season on a high note.”

With the end of the season drawing closer, star players will shine through, Briggs said. But she added that she has seen her entire team making progress. And she hopes that they can all come together and grow as one. 

“I'm excited to see everyone make strides, especially playing teams a second time,” she said. “Everyone still has personal growth they each can make to reach their full potential. (I’m) excited to see how our freshmen/sophomores play now that they have seen each team,” Briggs said.

The team will play on Saturday in Fugate Gymnasium against Central Oklahoma. This is also the One Big Game sponsored by the Newmans Student Athlete Advisory Committee. Since it is the One Big Game event, the game will have a theme, and free food will be offered to students who attend. Students also will be able to participate in games during half time and timeouts.

PHOTO: Sydney Endicott, Photo Editor