SGA has money to spend, but how much exactly?

By Victor Dixon, Editor-in-Chief

Every year, Newman’s Student Government Association is allotted a specific amount of money to spend how it chooses throughout the year. 

This year, though, SGA still doesn’t know exactly how much money it received in its fall allocation.

 A variety of factors have caused the information delay, SGA leaders say, but students should not be concerned about it affecting their clubs or activities.

“The funds are based off of FAFSA, and since it kept getting pushed later and later by the federal government, the funds had to be postponed,” said SGA treasurer Matthew Revels.”From what we know, the money and allocations exist. We just do not have an exact number.”

SGA members have continued with business as usual, though, he said.

“It has not impacted any SGA operations. We are going to write bills and spend the allocated money as usual to benefit the Newman population,” he said.

SGA receives fall allocations and spring allocations based on a formula related to student fees,” said Dean of Students Andi Giesen. But there were issues this year.

“Notification and receipt of those funds had been delayed due to lack of a fully staffed business office as well as challenging software,” she said.

SGA uses the money allocated to it annually to help clubs pay for events. It also uses the funds for projects and resources meant to improve the quality of life for students on campus, such as the security cameras it paid to have installed earlier this year, plus the online mental health program and student Genesis Health Clubs memberships it finances.

“Any money spent is to make student life better,” Revels said. “We aim to make an average day at Newman a great one.”

PHOTO: Courtesy photo, Unsplash