Case closed: Medallion found

Vantage Staff

Heritage Month at Newman University still has another week remaining, but one of the more popular student contests came to an end on Friday.

Senior Alondra Valle won the Medallion Scavenger Hunt by finding a small disc hidden on campus. The contest started on Feb. 5, and daily clues about its whereabouts were included in the Jet Broadcast email sent out to campus. The first person to find the medallion and turn it in was promised a prize. 

The medallion was hidden at the bottom of the downspout on the south side of Sacred Heart Hall in the area where the angel statue faces forward, said Therese Wetta, director of mission effectiveness, who organizes the hunt.

The prize was $100, said Wetta, adding that students used “their intellect and cleverness to solve the clues,” all of which were written by former Newman employee Rosemary Niedens, who started the medallion hunt. 

Wetta said she wanted to remind students that one Heritage Month contest is still open. Students are asked to come up with the best essay, graphic art or TikTok post that goes along with the theme, “What advice would St. Maria DeMattias or St. Newman give to students living in today’s world?” Winners will receive cash prizes. The deadline for submissions is 11:59 p.m. on Friday, and they should be sent to

Wetta also provided the explanation for the final Medallion Hunt clue, posted on Friday. The clue was:

Albus clad allows a heavenly view

Tequila’s new color is another cue!

The wolf hates this part of porcine building but still tolerates partying in OKC.

Bless his heart, we hope he can see!

 The explanation:

“Albus clad allows a heavenly view” refers to the white clad statue of the angel, who has a heavenly view

“Tequila’s new color is another cue” refers to young tequila, which is white like the statue

“Bless his heart” is a southern expression, and the medallion was hidden on the south side of Sacred Heart.

PHOTO: Courtesy photo, Newman University